How to trade the Cryptocurrencies

Trader the crypto-currency

Would you like to trade with the cryptocurrencies ?

You just have to follow two steps:

  1. Buy your cryptocurrencies on Coinbase by clicking this link
  2. Trade with your cryptocurrencies by transferring your portfolio to binance by clicking on this link

Why proceed in this way? Coinbase is the platform offering the widest choice of cryptocurrencies Thanks to binance you will have very low transaction fees.

How to deposit funds on funding

The crypto-currencies available on binance mainly exchange against Bitcoin or Ethereum but also bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic. As you have just created your binance account, you do not yet have on the platform’s portfolio neither Bitcoin nor Ethereum.

So we will see how to transfer Bitcoin from the Coinbase platform to the Binance platform. There’s going to be two steps:

Identify the address of its portfolio

2) Transfer crypto-currency to this portfolio

Note: The transaction charges for sending Bitcoin are much higher than for sending Ethereum. If you have the possibility to use one or the other, then prefer the Ethereum.

Deposit funds



Step 1/2-Identify the address of its portfolio

In order to be able to send funds to the government, you need to know what your portfolio address is. As a reminder, the address of a portfolio is the equivalent of an account number in the traditional banking system.

To find your address, go to the “Withdrawal deposits” tab of the “Funds” section. This tab leads to the overview of your portfolios on binance.


You are now facing the overview of your funds available for the different crypto-currencies. No surprises here, as you just started, all the funds are zero. To deposit crypto-currency, you have to click on “Deposit”. As we want to deposit Bitcoins in order to be able to exchange them later, we click on “deposit” in Bitcoin line.

Then our deposit address appears! In our case, the address is: 14WQpk5WTdBWpY2vB32PC4GYoWZ2vBjfV9. It is at this address that we will send the Bitcoins from our portfolio Coinbase .

as specified by binance, only send Bitcoins on your Bitcoin address! Send from theEthereum or any other crypto-currency on a Bitcoin address causes the loss of funds.

Also note, binance states that “the currencies will be deposited instantly after 2 confirmations”. As with Bitcoin blockchain, a confirmation takes 10 minutes, sending your funds to Binance will take at least 20 minutes. The transaction time may be higher than 20 minutes if the network is overloaded with transactions; You will then have to wait a few hours before you see your funds on Binance .

Now that you’ve identified your Bitcoin address on Binance, it’s time to send some funds!

Step 2/2-Transferring crypto-currency to Binance

For this transfer, we will use this platform : Coinbase .

first, log in to your account at Coinbase and go to the section “ Account Manager”. If you don’t have an account yet, you need to create it.Man

you have the list of crypto-currencies available in front of you on Coinbase And the amount you have for each of them. To send Bitcoin, click on “Send” in the section on your bitcoin portfolio.


Then you will see the different information to complete in order to realize the sending of Bitcoin. In the “Recipient” section, enter the address of your portfolio Binance. For the CryptoEncyclopedia This address was “14WQpk5WTdBWpY2vB32PC4GYoWZ2vBjfV9”.

Don’t forget to send the crypto-currency corresponding to the wallet! Do not send a Litecoin On a Bitcoin address.

Then fill in the amount you want to transfer. In our case, we send 0.031 Bitcoin.

After checking everything, you can click on “continue”.

In order to definitively validate the consignment, you will have to indicate the 7-digit code sent by Coinbase On your cell phone. If the verified verification code is correct, the transaction is validated and your crypto-currency is sent! You will also receive (depending on your settings) a Email Confirmation on the part of Coinbase.

The transfer of your crypto-currency is not automatic, however, and will take several minutes (even several hours). The time required to send funds from one platform to another (thus from one portfolio/address to another portfolio/address) depends heavily on the crypto-currency that one wishes to send. For example, Bitcoin is longer to transfer than theEthereum or the Litecoin .

on the Coinbase , you can track the progress of the transaction in the “Dashboard” section and then in “recent activity”. in down to the right.

The time your transaction is on the network, it will be “on hold.” You can click on it and follow the number of confirmations.

then, after 30 minutes in our case, the transfer of Bitcoin 0.031 from Coinbase to binanceis very effective! Note that the transaction fees were levied by the network and that we have 0.0306 Bitcoin on Binance .

You now know how to deposit crypto-currency on the platform Binance.

All you have to do is exchange it for one of the hundreds of others available on the platform!


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Anyone who believes in making a fortune through trading with a small capital is mistaken. We recommend that you never use a leverage effect. Trading must remain a parallel activity and in no way substitute for your main activity. There is a need for in-depth knowledge in the field to minimize risk. Indeed, 0 risk does not exist.

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